International Conference of The Chilean Computer Science Society

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A Case-based Reasoning Approach to Find Good Compiler Optimization Sequences
A dynamical parametrical model for fetal monitoring simulation
A Generalized Quantum-Inspired Evolutionary Algorithm for Combinatorial Optimization Problems
A Mobile Cloud Shared Workspace to Support Firefighters in Urban Emergency Situations
Analysing Service Oriented Methodologies for Sustainable Applications
Analysis of Cost-Aware Policies for Intersection Caching in Search Nodes
Anomaly detection using forecasting methods ARIMA and HWDS
Applying design patterns in product line search-based design feasibility analysis and implementation aspects
Concept Drift Detection Using Online Bayesian Classifier
Distributed Bounded Predictability
Efficient Algorithms for Repairing Inconsistent Dimensions in Data Warehouses
Estimation of Grape Maturity Based on Neural Networks
Exploring the Trust and Obsolescence of Knowledge Relation
Extension of QL-implications by Retractions
Formalizing the conceptualization of services and their relationships with software components
Fruit Color Estimation based on Mathematical Morphology
Gaia Abstraction Game Proposal for a Game to Mediate the Teaching of Object Orientation
Handling Inconsistencies in Data Warehouses with Extended Dimensions
Implementing HOTs that Generate Transformations with Two Input Models
MapReduce program testing a systematic mapping study
Mobile Application Monitoring
Network anomaly detection by IP flow graph analysis A DDoS attack case study
OVMMSOM A variation of MMSOM and VMSOM as a clusterization technique
Parallel Lepp-bisection algorithm over distributed memory systems
Parallel Selective Model for Digital Image Processing Algorithm
Tape Mbo’e (TME) An Agile Service Oriented Process
Web Technologies for Differential Equations Solving by Finite Difference Method with Mesh Visualization Independent on Device Performance