The registration process must be done through online registration form, attaching the digital proof of deposit or transfer. Any question please contact Oriel Herrera G. (+56 45 2205417  |

Registration Category Early

(until 18-Oct)


(from 19-Oct)

Pesos(CLP) $USD Pesos(CLP) $USD
Regular – Professors, Company Employees and Professionals $180.000 360 $200.000 410
Regular – SCCC members (payments up-to-date) $150.000 300 $180.000 360
Graduate Students $50.000 100 $60.000 125
Undergraduate Students $15.000 30 $20.000 40
Additional Paper $50.000 95 $60.000 110


Registration Category Pesos (CLP) Dollar (US)
Dinner ticket $30.000 60


All submitted articles should have associated at least one inscription of the regular category. An additional paper fee can be applied to the 2nd and 3rd paper to be registered by the same author. The additional paper fee only grants the inclusion of the paper in the final proceedings and does not include any material or ticket.

Regular Registrations include:

  • Registration Kit
  • Attendance to all sessions
  • Coffee-breaks
  • Welcome reception ticket 
  • Conference banquet ticket 
  • JCC2013 Proceedings

Student Registrations include:

  • Registration Kit
  • Attendance to all sessions
  • Coffee-breaks

Payment (From Chile)

It can be made by deposit or electronic transfer to:

Company Name:

Universidad Católica de Temuco

Tax Id. Number (RUT):




Bank Account Number:


If you require before the payment  a document (invoice) in order to get the budget inside of your Institution, the institution must issue a Purchase Order to:


RUT 71.918.700-5

The Purchase Order must clearly include

  • the name of the institution
  • the Tax ID,
  • address
  • the gloss: “Payment of registration in JCC2013 First Name1 Last Name1, First Name2 Last Name2, …”
  • amount according to category

Send this Purchase Order to


FAX: +56 45 2 205 367

WebPay payment

SWIFT transfer

It can be made by SWIFT transfer with the following information:

Company Name:

Universidad Católica de Temuco


Banco BCI Chile

Bank Address :

Claro Solar 309,Temuco, Chile

Swift Code:


Bank Account Number:

66062268 (PESOS)

11161035 (DOLAR)

Transfer Concept:

JCC2013 + (Full name) 

example: JCC2013 John Schmidth

Cost of Transfer: OUR (All transfer costs must be paid by the issuer).