Peer-to-Peer network have already shown to be a good solution to build large scale information systems.
They provide very good fault tolerance mechanisms, as well as very high availability of the data. Several well-known applications like Skype, Bitcoin, or PeerTV, already use Peer-to-Peer techniques. Peer-to-Peer systems especially appear to be very well suited to handle a huge amount of data, and represent a good candidate to implement scientific applications for BIG DATA computation. Another promising approach for the Peer-to-Peer research community relies on the social networks. The exponential growth of most of the up to date social networks makes the need of a feasible solution to replace the traditional cluster model a major concern.
Building a real application over a Peer-to-Peer network requires a different approach than for grid or clusters. We especially have to deal with the scalability of the application, with data placement problems, with replication management, as well as fault tolerance problems where malicious nodes are involved.
The aim of this workshop is to investigate new proposals that help in the design and the implementation of real large scale applications for Peer-to-Peer networks. We especially look for contributions that propose innovative methods to design and/or implement real applications over the Peer-to-Peer paradigm.


Topics of interest

Relevant topics for the workshop include (but are not limited to):

  • Peer-to-Peer overlays
  • Trust Management for Peer-to-Peer networks
  • Transaction Certification
  • Data Placement
  • Big Data in Peer-to-Peer
  • Parallel programming over Peer-to-Peer overlays
  • Security and user authentication for large scale distributed systems
  • Low cost replication techniques for Peer-to-Peer overlays
  • Fault tolerance mechanisms
  • Indexation systems, and Range Queries
  • Peer-to-Peer and Social Networking
  • Communities of Peers or Users
  • Data Streaming in Peer-to-Peer
  • Key management and key distribution systems for Peer-to-Peer overlays

Important Dates:

  • Submission: September 30, 2013.
  • Notification of acceptance/rejection: October 15, 2013.

Organization Committee

  • Chair
    Xavier Bonnaire
    Departamento de Informática
    Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María
    Valparaíso, Chile
  • Co-Chair
    Erika Rosas
    Departamento de Informatíca
    Universidad de Santiago de Chile
    Avenida Ecuador 3659
    Estación Central, Santiago, Chile
  • Javier Bustos
    Email:javier.bustos @mail.udp.c l
    Departamento de Informática
    Universidad Diego Portales
    Manuel Rodriguez Sur 415, Santiago, Chile

Program Commitee

We expect the following members for the program committee:

  1. Peter Druschel (Max Planck Institute for Software Systems, Germany)
  2. Pierre Sens (INRIA – Université Pierre et Marie Currie, France)
  3. José Piquer (INRIA-Chile)
  4. Anne-Marie Kermarrec (INRIA-Rennes, France)
  5. Isaac Scherson (University of California Irvine, USA)
  6. Sergio Ochoa (DCC, Universidad de Chile)